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6 amazing ways to make cash when children are sleeping

Doesn’t it feel so nice, when you finally put your child to sleep? Those peaceful moments and the freedom of finally doing whatever you wish to do. Do you ever think about ways to earn money in those moments?

ways to earn money

What would you do first? Have a nap, take a quick shower, use social media OR earn money? Yes, you heard it right. It is also possible to earn extra money while your children sleep. Many online jobs and services require only 2 to 3 hours of your day. Moms’ side businesses are becoming more prevalent. i.e., you can continue to work from home and earn money. You can learn more about the ways to earn money in this blog.

Easy ways to earn money for moms

You might think it is absurd to earn while a kid sleeps. But, technological advancement has made working from home very easy. The more you work, the more you can earn. In 2022, you should be able to work smartly rather than be able to do hard work. That being said, if you work with passion and dedication, even 2 hours a day would be enough. You are your own boss and have the authority to decide the workload you can take. It’s especially a good opportunity for stay-at-home mothers who wish to continue working while raising their kids.

Freelance Writing

It is one of the quick ways to earn money for stay-at-home moms. If you have good English reading and writing skills, and you also enjoy doing it. Then you can become a freelance writer. You can complete one to two articles/blogs daily if you have good typing speed. You can also invest your time to help in making research papers for postgraduate students. Create an account on Fiverr, Upwork, or other freelancing applications and begin your journey. Be active on these sites and score as many clients as you want.

Handmade items

If you enjoy knitting, crocheting, or making DIY projects. Congratulations, then you are already familiar with ways to earn money fast. You can make cute attractive art pieces, customized items, or other on-demand things and sell them on different websites. These days crocheting is one of the most popular activities that reward real money.

You can also make decoration pieces or other living room accessories in your free time. Although it will be hard to make good progress from the very start. But if you utilize your time while your kids sleep in making hand-made items, then hopefully you will have a good number of items as time passes. Invest time in your passion and make it your side profession. Once you have established a name in the online markets, it will get easier for you to book orders and upgrade your business.

Start a blog

Managing a blog requires originality. It’s critical that you concentrate your own website on topics about which you have knowledge and interest when you first launch it. Your blogging journey can begin once you’ve selected a web hosting provider, a blogging platform, and a website theme.

The secret to increasing page traffic is to produce unique, high-quality material and regularly release new blog entries. You can start a blog related to any of your interests, fashion, sports, makeup, cooking, cars or etc. Make sure to have full knowledge of actual events and trends before posting any blog. The more readers and views you gain, the better pay you will get. Although to start cashing money, you must have a good number of daily readers.

Graphic Designing

It’s a profession and skill that are always in high demand. Since there are so many online platforms available, you don’t even need to obtain a graphic design degree from a university to get started.

There are multiple areas of graphic design where you can choose to focus, such as package design, layout design, branding, logo designing, etc. Start by organizing a portfolio of all your previous work. If you don’t have a portfolio yet, make one. Start by practicing daily and try to copy the in-demand trends. Later on, you can move towards booking orders. Make your own name in the field through your creativity and skills.

Planner designing

Creating planners is an efficient way to earn money while working from home. The work hours depend on you, you can set them as per your convenience. There are numerous opportunities in this field. You can design them on Canva, Adobe, or other applications. You can either make a printable or a digital planner.

A digital planner is a paper planner replacement that typically takes the form of an interactive PDF that can be inscribed on a tablet and pen. Printable planners, as opposed to assembled and then purchased planners, are meant to be printed and then assembled.

You can make specific plans for different hobbies or activities. For instance, if you are making a planner for chefs, do some research and pen down some tips that users would find helpful. Divide the planner into different sections, desert, starters, Italian dishes or etc. Make your planner more user-friendly and easy to plan. This way your planner would stand out from the rest and you will reach your sales goal more easily.

Online tutor

Tutors are in greater demand than ever. Tutoring is a fantastic method to earn more money and spread your expertise to others. It is an efficient way to earn money from home. It is also more flexible than the rest of the conventional jobs because you can work whenever and wherever you want. It gives you an opportunity to develop your abilities and acquire useful teaching experience. Which will be a remarkable addition to your CV.

You get to be your own boss and avoid the distractions that come with working in a conventional workplace. Moreover, you can decide your own hourly/monthly tutoring rates based on your expertise and credentials. Although it requires time management and full devotion. Your hard work directly affects the student.


Being a mother does not stop you from having your income and career. Start off at a low pace and take small steps. The most important thing is to feel devotion and passion towards the job you wish to invest your time in. All of the above-mentioned easy ways of earning money online are less time-taking and more effective. Hence, they can easily be accomplished while your children take a nap. Make sure to have faith in yourself and never stop dreaming.

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