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5 Interesting Types Of Content Writing For A Beginner

It’s the moment you cash your writing skills to earn money …
You can choose any topic you want and express your views on it. There are multiple types of content writing and it is up to you to choose what you ace.

It’s an interesting idea for literature enthusiasts as well or those who love interacting with people …

How is that so?
You can jot down how you feel and the way you perceive things.

How is that possible?
Well, start with your own blog first. Write as much as you can depending on your interest! And after investing your time and producing good quality content, you will soon be attracting many readers to your blog site! 

Oh, and it will definitely assist you in earning money.
Sounds nice, right?

What are the types of content writing?

You can turn this into a side hustle to earn extra cash. Here are some simple ways to earn money from content writing that would instantly turn your 100 dollars into 1000 dollars.

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Start writing a blog in a conventional style to grab your reader’s attention towards it.
It is one of the simplest types of content writing which requires quality and consistency.

You can easily convert your 100 dollars into 1000 by the quality of what you write. Just try to use the correct methodology so that more people find it good to read.

You can write blogs about fashion, cooking, cars, sports, or any other thing. Once people start clicking on your links, you would start earning cash.

Ask your friends and family to support your blog and use your social media accounts to promote it.


Freelance writing is more accessible and financially realistic.

Numerous websites exist online that need aid from freelance writers to market their brands – produce blogs, articles, and much more.

You should try it if you can grab readers’ interest with your writing and persuade them to read your articles to earn a fortune.


Technical writing is more suited for people who have a relevant background in the field.
For instance, tech companies would look for people with engineering or computer science backgrounds.

This way, the writers would be able to market the new products with proper understanding and use words appropriate to the industry.


This is comparatively an easy task if you have the right piece of information.
All you have to do is simply describe the product in words and use catchy statements to attract customers …

It’s important to describe the product in a useful manner and highlight its uniqueness and other cool features.

Simply check any online shopping website and observe how they have explained the products in detail. This will give you a clear idea about the product description.


Are you wondering how to convert your 100 dollars into 1000? Let’s talk about on of the most paying types of content writing.

Copywriting has become one of the most prominent needs of businesses in the modern world. You can make a lot of cash and be the Richie rich of your times!

Copywriting is the art of weaving words aesthetically to appeal to the audience of your products from your brand while transforming them into loyal clients …

These words encourage the buyers to get YOUR products or services making YOU distinct from other brands in their eyes! Isn’t that a good catch? – It surely is.


Your quality of words and the method that you use to grab focus is the main key point. By the time you will get to know more and with experience, you will easily be able to write on any kind of topic and earn money.

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