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25 Great and fun Paypal Games That Pay Real Money

As a gamer, it can be difficult to make money while maintaining your pastime. We’re sure you struggle to balance your time between games, family, and your job. But first, let us offer some of the best PayPal games that pay real money with you so that you may simply manage your activities without missing anything!

Playing games on PayPal is a great stress-free and soothing activity. Some individuals believe that playing video games is a waste of time or a form of entertainment that keeps you occupied all the time. They believe that it does not allow you to do anything productive with your time. And we must have heard multiple times around us,  not to squander our time on games. But then there’s PayPal, which has been a massive change for everyone who enjoys playing games and relaxing. You only have to play games and whatever your score is, you will be compensated accordingly.

Coolest PayPal games that pay real money

This list contains legit PayPal games and survey applications that reward in cash. You can win instant cash while using the applications mentioned below. These will not only save your time but will also be a great source of side income. Although there are a certain threshold score/points after which you start getting paid. You can earn from 50 dollars to 500 dollars.

You might not become a millionaire after using them, but they will surely help you with your monthly payments and rent. Most importantly they will help you take a rest from a busy day while still being productive.

  1. Swagbucks
  2. QuickRewards
  3. Inbox dollars
  4. Moo cash
  5. MyPoints
  6. Survey Junkie
  7. Toluna influencers

These applications are more popular for their surveys as compared to games. You can earn points by answering surveys and cash them out upon reaching a certain level. It’s as easy as it sounds. Register yourself now and earn real cash via PayPal. You can refer these applications to your friends and family to earn some extra points too. Isn’t this a great opportunity?

Hang on, there are many more real PayPal games that you can play and earn prize money. You can also just choose to not play at all and win cash by watching videos. There are various applications that pay you for your honest feedback and comments. You can choose an easy option from the long list and earn money through that.

8. App karma

9. Cashout rewards

10.  KashKick

Doesn’t it feel so nice when you mark tasks off the list when they are completed? You can do the same through the above-mentioned applications. All you have to do is download these applications, complete the tasks, mark them off, earn points, and cash them. That’s how simple and easy it is.

On the plus side, you might also win some gift cards from the brands you love.

11.  Gamesville

12.  Panda cube smash

13.  Justplay

14.  Mist play

15.  Coinpop

16.  WealthWords

All the above-listed applications contain simple games and puzzles such as word search, bingo, crossword, arcade, etc. It feels so good when you finally find all the words in a word search. You can also sharpen your mental skills while earning some extra side money. All of the games pay real money to PayPal. Choose any game according to your liking and make it profitable. You can play these games while you are on your way home or when you feel like taking a break from a hectic day. Earn as much as you want from such simple easy-to-play games.

17.  AppNana

18.  AppMan

19.  Drop

20.  Dabbl

Do you love going on shopping sprees? Your account balance might stop you from doing so. But we have got it covered. You can not only earn extra money from PayPal cash games but can also win gift cards and cashbacks. Use the above-mentioned applications and get cashback on your shopping bill from their mentioned stores, such as Walmart, Amazon, Sephora, etc.

Now you can enjoy as many shopping sprees as you want. Enjoy your weekends while shopping and saving without emptying out your bank account. Make sure to invite your friends and family on this crazy adventure by recommending these applications. 

So, in short, you get paid to – 

  • Fill surveys
  • Watch videos
  • Give honest feedbacks
  • Refer applications to other people
  • Install and download gaming applications
  • Shop from the mentioned brands
  • Play games
  • Complete the given tasks

And etc. Most of the applications and sites have ads or affiliated partners. Your clicks, views, and feedbacks help them have more customers and publicity. Let us assume you clicked on angamesville Game link. You made the decision to open a bank account with one of their associates. You will now receive a commission from Gamesville for bringing them your business. That’s how it works.

21.  Lucktastic

22.  Ebates

23.  Ibott

24.  Giftpanda

25.  Bananatic

These are some more apps that pay you for using them. You can install them right away and be rewarded for them. Some applications pay you for registering also, while some only pay when you refer them or complete a task. Different applications have different sets of simple and easy-to-understand terms and conditions. Make sure to read the instructions carefully while signing up.


It is crazy how you can earn money while playing. PayPal surely has made our lives easier. You don’t even have to be guilty about playing games anymore. Make most of these PayPal games that pay real money and live an easy life. Use Cashbacks for large shopping bills and gift cards for filling up brand surveys. We just love these simple steps.

It is advised to download as many applications beforehand and test them out. There might be many similar applications. Therefore choose the one that suits you more. You may also compare how much you earn from each one. Then, you’ll be able to know where to concentrate on all that crucial bed and phone time!

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