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How To Save 500 A Month As A Student

Managing finances as a student is a very hard task.
You barely manage to get through the month …

But don’t worry, we have got some awesome tips and bits of advice on how to save money.

You might even get an answer on how to save 500 a month in this blog!

How to save 500 a month in dollars

A student has to manage food, outings, books, tuition and so much more with limited money.

Here are a few tips on how to save money as a student:


Budgeting is as important as the course outline for a semester. It contains all the useful information on necessary expenses. You get to know where you spend most of your money and if it can be cut down.

Nevertheless, there are certain expenditures that can’t be reduced. Like hostel charges or tuition fees.

Here are a few items you can cut down costs on:

  • Food – instead of eating out, try making simple and easy dishes at home.
  • Transportation – use public transport or carpool with your friends to save fuel costs.
  • Outdoor activities – only hang out with your friends on weekends to avoid overspending.
  •  Shopping – try not to buy unnecessary clothes, accessories, or other items.


Do you know your student card can give you discounts on food, transportation, and other things?

You better start using it now. Even if you save a few bucks on one item, at the end of the day it will pile up to something huge.

You can also ask for student discounts at restaurants and coffee shops. Most of the owners and organizations feel happy to help students in their bright future.

Part-time jobs

Part-time jobs are a great opportunity for students. You can earn a decent amount just by working a few hours a day.

Part-time jobs are available at restaurants, grocery stores, libraries, shops, and many other places. Many part-time jobs pay you hourly. Such jobs only need manpower and good customer service. You can easily get a part-time job near your college or residence.

Having part-time jobs can easily enable you to save 500 a month.


What do you do with your old textbooks and notebooks?
Collecting them is a good option but it doesn’t help in managing your finances.

You can earn a good amount by recycling your old textbooks and notebooks.
You can sell it to your juniors who need the notes or you can sell it at any second-hand shop app.

This way you will also be able to get second-hand textbooks for your next semester without spending too much on them.

Work-from-home jobs 

If you are not comfortable working part-time jobs in public places.

Then you can also consider applying for any work-from-home jobs. You can work on weekends and study for the rest of the days.


Are you a student willing to save some cash for extra expenses? Don’t worry at all – we have talked about 5 great ways you can get money on your hand in this blog. We hope this blog will save you time and you will be able to have control over your expenses.

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