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5 Easy Ways To Earn Through Decluttering Your Space In 2022

Fast-changing fashion and lifestyle trends lure you but you don’t have enough space to bring them home? Every time you visit your favorite store to find a new collection of dresses but then you remember your closet runs out of space. How about if we tell you a way that would not only get you a new dress but money to buy it as well?

Umm, sounds interesting. The question is How?

Now if I answer it in one word that would be: decluttering.

How would decluttering help? Yes, decluttering can get you more space in your wardrobe. However, making cash from it sounds a little weird. No? If you also think the same way then give this a read!

Earning through decluttering your space:

Let’s explore 5 easy decluttering tips to cash your clutter and make out space for new.

1.   Own a store

Building a self-owned e-store can be a strenuous task but will give your business a personalized touch and an edge over others. You can run a full-fledged business of decluttering your home which can be a unique idea. There are many website service providers like Shopify, Wix, and GoDaddy among many others providing easy templates for website development while also not charging an arm and a leg.

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2.   Decluttering on Facebook marketplace

Facebook provides a free, non-commission-based platform to sell your clothes, jewelry, furniture, appliances, and whatnot. You can sell almost any item either brand new or preloved as per your convenience. Not only does it automatically list your product in the relevant product category but renews it with time to make it visible to potential buyers searching for a product of the same nature. For a beginner, the Facebook marketplace is one of the best options to sell home clutter as it charges no fee and the seller gets the full amount after deducting shipping charges if any.

3.   Amazon Marketplace

Amazon enjoys worldwide popularity and massive profits. It is the most used e-commerce marketplace offering a variety of items. Either through a reseller providing decluttering services (selling preloved items) or directly with your account, one can sell used or brand-new items on Amazon. While charging an annual fee plus sales commission, this platform is most suitable for preloved electronic gadgets like phones, tablets, and laptops. Buyers can rate the sellers which also increases the chances of better growth.

4.   Decluttering on eBay

 eBay marketplace offers a variety of items for selling. One can simply list anything; however, product listing is not free of cost. Also, eBay charges a 10-12% commission on sales. A huge user base and usage make it an excellent platform to sell your stuff and declutter your home.

5.   Decluttr

A marketplace exclusively for electronic items and appliances sitting idle at your home. However, items like books and game consoles can also be sold. Unlike other marketplaces, Decluttr buys items from you and then sells them. So you do not have to wait for a buyer, which makes it a good option to sell unwanted tech stuff. 


Cashing your clutter sounds like a great option. All it requires is a good camera to photograph items. Somebody with average photography skills can also do this. Overall, it is a decent way to put your good condition items to use. Decluttering household and personal use items this way creates room for new stuff. So next time you visit a shopping mall, no need to worry about space and money as both come hand in hand. So, Happy Decluttering! (Wink)

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