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How to design a brilliant digital planner to sell on Etsy

Graphic design is one of the major interests of this generation. From logo designing to book illustrations and digital planner making, everything is visualized through graphic design skills. Adobe Illustrator and Canva are of top-rated applications for students working in this field. Graphic designing is a fun activity that requires creative and artistic skills. But most importantly it is a cash prizing hobby.

An easy guide to starting earning money by selling printable and digital planners on Etsy

Among all the other things, digital planner making is also trending. The user demands have increased the need for skilled graphic designers. From simple annual planners to the specified wedding and gardening planners, everything is in top demand. If you also wish to put your skills to use and earn money via it, you can contribute to this mad race of planner-making. Here is a list of all the basic things you need to know to design a brilliant digital planner:

digital planner

1. Proper tool kit

The first and foremost thing is to decide on the proper software application for yourself. Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Canva, Microsoft power, and Microsoft Excel are some basic software used for planner designing. Each software has its own pros and Cons. Use the one that seems easier to work on.

Splatter the colors of your creativity and adopt the software that responds best

Canva is more suited for beginners. Set your hands on one or more applications and explore different tools and tips. It might take some time, but getting used to the tools is an important step. It allows you to visualize different approaches and ideas to make your piece different from the rest.

2. Exploring Templates

Carry out 5 to 10 minutes of research and search for the most trending planner templates. Once you have downloaded two to three sample templates, start working on them. You can either make them more interactive using different tool kits or you can recreate those using different themes and styles. In short, you can play with them however you like.

Don’t forget to work on some cute and aesthetic templates to make your work more fun

There are different templates for different types of planners. You can choose your own style. You can also leave an option for customizable themes and versions. The more you work on different templates, the better will be your own work.

3. Digital planners

Digital planners are different from traditional printed planners. These are sold in soft copy and are used that way too. They are kept in pdf format. Digital planners are made for tablets, smartphones, and other devices. These days many smart devices are being created especially for digital planning purposes. You can search for different attractive digital planner themes and then create your own accordingly.

Users love to decorate their digital planners with stickers and other add-ons. So, make sure to create some extra pairs of stickers to make your planner more unique and user-friendly. If you used to make journals in the past, then you must be aware of what your customer really needs. Design different versions and color themes for different topics and sell them on Etsy.

Keep reading below to have a more clear understanding of how to sell digital planners on Etsy.

5. Printable planners

Although they are different from traditional planners. But the fact that these are meant to be printed makes them fall in the traditional planner’s category. You can also sell these in pdf format, but they are first printed and then they are assembled. People who love to write rather than type are more interested in printable planners. It’s just how some people prioritize hardcopy books over e-books.

Since printable planners are used in hard copies. Therefore as a creator, it is your duty to add attractive colors, stickers, and other icons to it to make them more cute and aesthetic. The purpose of a planner is to feel motivated to complete all the tasks and reach your goal. Users will find it more helpful if its presentation attracts them and makes them fill it out on a daily basis. It will also help you in selling printables on Etsy.

6. Creativity aspect

Selling printable and digital planners are one of the easy Etsy side hustle ideas. Planners focusing on specific events and activities are more trending than specific ones. Here are some tips to make your planner a popular demand on Etsy.

●        Use light color themes

●        Add some motivational quotes or interesting facts related to the topic

●    Make different sections and columns for everything, like a to-do list, daily reminders, affirmations etc.

●        Use different fonts, widgets, pointers, and style it simply

●        Make planners of different sizes. Printable pocket planners are also trendy.

●     Try to leave some space for customization. Allow your customers to give the planner a bit of their personal touch.

●       Keep the planner simple and interactive.

●       Try to give a calm, relaxed, and aesthetic vibe to your planner

●      If you are designing a wedding planner, then try to connect with a person who is experienced and get insights on the list of things they had to complete for their wedding. For instance wedding guests list, dress details, catering ideas, etc.

●    Focus on specific audiences, connect with them and create planners which would make their daily routine easier and more fun.

●        For book lovers, you can create a planner that enables users to list down all the books they wish to read, why they wish to read them and can write their reviews about them too.

Selling planners on Etsy is a great side hustle and is profitable too. The goal is to create uniqueness in your planners. Design them for specific purposes but in different sizes, layouts and themes. You have to make one planner which will profit you multiple times. Add stickers and some insights on the topic to make it more fun. Digital planners are fun to create and they sell well too. So make sure to earn a good sum of money by selling printable and digital planners on Etsy.

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