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6 Best-selling Zero Investment Business Ideas In 2022

Are you also an aspiring entrepreneur? Does the current wave of entrepreneurship motivate you to start your own business? But the risk of failing or going bankrupt dreads you? Let’s talk about some zero-investment business ideas

How about if I tell you I have a solution to this? Yes! You read it right. Today I’ll tell you some of the best zero-investment business ideas that will not only earn you some extra cash but take nothing to start. Sounds interesting? Well then give it a read to get ideas on starting your business with zero investment.


Blogging refers to sharing your ideas on different topics ranging from food, travel, books/movies/shows reviews, business, health, lifestyle, and home décor to a lot more. One can start it with their website or sell them to third-party websites. A blogger must know about the genre they’re interested in and then start writing. Successful bloggers with a sizable number of audiences, attracting good traffic through search results make up to $30,000 annually, which makes blogging one of the best businesses with zero investment.

YouTube Channel

YouTube’s popularity is not unknown to anyone. It has a user base of people from every age group starting from infants to elderly people as well. Vlogging, making prank videos, posting video reviews, and sharing day-to-day happenings have become the norm these days. Every other person is seen recording their daily routine on camera and posting on their YouTube channel. However, this can be difficult for introverts who prefer keeping their lives low-key. Creating a YouTube channel costs nothing. You just need a good camera to record videos related to your niche and post them online. Quality of content and creators’ efforts and consistency are all it takes to attract the target audience and increase the subscriber base. After 100,000 subscribers, YouTube allows you to monetize the account to earn through YouTube advertisements.

Selling preloved items

The USA has a big market for second-hand items. Second-hand clothes alone account for up to a billion dollar market in the USA. The idea revolves around selling your used items in good condition to somebody which makes it the best zero investment business for ladies. So how about cashing your clutter and making up some space and money (wink) for a new one in its place? Well, can there be any zero investment business ideas as simple and interesting as this? Definitely no! One can sell clothes, jewelry, home décor stuff, machinery, and whatnot! Not only would it help you in earning but would also count as a sustainable approach toward the environment. There is already enough trash, pollution and industrial waste to contaminate our surroundings. If recycling and reusing each other’s preloved things we can contribute towards reducing our carbon footprint.


If you’re interested in a product business while investing zero, then the Drop-shipping business is surely for you. In this, you function as a reseller who gets orders to the original seller of that product from the customer, and the seller ships it to the customer. This means no investment in R&D and manufacturing, packaging, and distribution. No hassle of sourcing products and maintaining a warehouse. Now the question is how you earn from it. Well, to earn from a drop shipping business requires zero investment but you earn through buying from the seller at wholesale price and selling to the customer at retail price.

Social Media Marketing

Nobody is unfamiliar with the concept of social media and its significance. With over billions of users on social media platforms, its importance has increased tenfold. Businesses, especially online businesses, want to keep their social media game strong for cutthroat competition with business rivals. Due to this from large businesses to small-scale cottage businesses, everyone needs a good social media manager or a team of social media managers. Only a little know-how and learning through an online course can help you master this skill.

You can start your social media marketing agency by providing services in the form of packages to businesses to help them reach their marketing goals while keeping their budget in mind. Your responsibilities can include posting regularly, using relevant hashtags for organic traffic, writing engaging captions under posts, replying to customer queries, running advertisements, and monitoring progress. You may be thinking how this is a zero investment business idea. When learning the skill, you need to do a course that will cost a few bucks if not a lot. Umm well, not really. There are hundreds and thousands of courses online on digital marketing for free of cost. Google itself offers a variety of certified courses. Moreover, sites like Coursera, Udemy, and many other platforms are available to offer free-of-cost courses on social media marketing.

Graphic Designing

Graphic designing has never been easier with the convenient apps available now. So many apps like Canva, Adobe Spark, Google drawings, and Pixar out of many have made life much easier than before. Even if you are not a learned graphic designer, these apps help you create posts, and edit videos like a pro! And the cherry on the top is they are completely free. Though they have paid versions as well, for a beginner unpaid version does great work. Learn through practicing post making through editing templates or simply making a post from scratch. Make a portfolio and put it on platforms like Fiver, Upwork, and other freelancing websites to attract potential clients.

Are these zero investment business ideas that easy to implement?

Nothing comes easy or overnight. Technological advancements have surely increased the chances of earning and starting an earnings stream out of nothing. But, even with so much convenience, making a successful venture out of it solely depends upon your will, efforts, and determination to get through it. Always remember, slow and steady wins the race. Never compare your journey with others or your growth with others. Everyone has their own time to shine and hard work plus smart work makes it very much doable and achievable too.


Before getting on any venture, big or small, pick your niche. Choose what your heart calls and then give your 100% to it. Businesses like graphic designing services, social media marketing services, and working on YouTube channels may require zero investment, but demand complete know-how and in-depth understanding of the platform. Understanding the application policies and protocol to excel in them. So don’t just rush, take your time and think of what you can tap better, and then go for it!

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