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10 amazing tips to become a freelance writer

Working as a freelance writer comes with several opportunities. People can make plenty if they have a good command of English writing skills, know how to use grammar, and lastly – they know how to check the content thoroughly to detect errors.

You can enjoy lush green grass or enjoy the cool breeze on beaches, it’s on you when to have vacations and enjoy your life! People love freelance writing because they can be their own boss, and what’s better than this? No one who’ll be managing you, so you can work on suitable hours and with the highest comforts around!

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Despite there being numerous opportunities for freelance writers, still there are some crazy challenges that one has to knock down while working as a freelancer. It is not a piece of cake for everyone to have it. We have seen some big blunders and failures in the freelance writing journey. And that is why in this blog we have jotted down everything you are willing to know to become an expert freelance writer. We believe, one must never give up too easily, and hence you should give another try too, to make lots of cash out of freelancing!

What Is Freelance Writing?

Freelance writing is a career opted by professional writers who work on a project basis or sometimes they work for clients who assign them particular writing tasks unlike full-time employees working at offices.

Freelance writers have various clients who offer work in different niches. There are many writing styles such as eBooks, magazines, blogs, articles, creative writing, copywriting, newspaper, journals, website content, and so on – as per the demands of a client! We are sure by now you are clear about who a freelance writer is! And now you can easily decide whether you want to consider freelancing as a part-time or full-time career or not.

Advantages To Become A Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is not everyone’s cup of tea. But once writers are fully aware of the tips and tricks of how to make the most out of freelance writing – it’s a win-win situation for them!

If you are wondering about some amazing benefits you can get while working as a freelance writer, scroll a bit but don’t you rub your eyes! (winks)

  • Not bound to work 9 to 5 every day.
  • Choose your clients if you like working with them. If you aren’t satisfied with their feedback, you can find another client right away. Just make sure to have a strong presence on social media platforms where people know whom to consider for their writing projects.
  • No need to travel hours to reach your office.
  • You can work in an environment you are comfortable with. Dim light, soft couch, chips or juices, songs playing at the back – yep, time to tick away your wishes!
  • You can have holidays whenever you like, no bound of days for you!
  • Totally on you how much would you like to earn. If you are planning to earn more this month, set a goal and then work accordingly. It’s on you how many hours you will give to your work every week and BINGO – it’s raining money!

5 Effective Tips To Become A Successful Freelance Writer

If you are searching for how to be a freelance writer, then congratulations – you have landed on the right blog. Here are 10 tried and tested tips for you that will help you to become a well-known freelance writer of the moment!

1.Keep looking for freelance work

You are in charge of acquiring new clients if you work on your own. You must constantly look for new freelance writing jobs to keep your income going and reduce downtime between tasks. Look through online hiring forums or send an email to the content manager while presenting your interest in the required writing niche you want to work.

Connect with other freelance content writers who can refer you to work when they have enough work to do. Or if you want to take assignments of academic writing, there is still a high demand for it! So, without wasting another minute, dive deep into the freelance market and catch some high-paying assignments.

2. Develop in-demand skills

Content that attracts clients is something that most businesses require. Hence, they would like to hire freelance writers that understand the fundamentals of SEO writing and how to make their website rank higher on search engines.

You need to have a basic understanding of how keyword optimization works and where to incorporate keywords to boost organic traffic to the brand’s website.

3. Pick a Niche

We can see that the market has changed and therefore people are looking for freelance writers who are professionals in their particular niche. There’s no time to read broken sentences with poor grammar. Instead, pick a field in which you are an expert. Before agreeing to a project, consider whether you are passionate about it or not, or is it making you bored? The answer will help you to finalize a deal!

4. Start blogging

If you have a taste in something, such as baking, lifestyle, or sports, consider starting a blog on it. Maintaining your blog is a fun hobby that may help you improve your writing abilities, enhance your style of writing, and will assist you to become a leading writer. Having a personal blog would also provide you with a web presence and the option to use SEO guidelines to assist potential clients reach your blog.

5. Build a strong connection

When you are on the hunt for freelance writer jobs you meet various clients and strive to establish a solid relationship with them while also connecting with the finest writers in your niche. With this strong connection, your fellow freelancers or satisfied clients would recommend your work to others and thus you can earn well as a freelance writer.

How Much Can A Freelance Writer Earn?

Freelance writers’ salary varies depending on different projects they are working on. Although, the average amount a freelance writer can earn is $25.14 per hour in the United States. But one can make a living out of it if they make freelancing their full-time career!


Freelance writing is extremely fruitful for dedicated ones. People who are fond of reading and writing can work as freelance writers whenever they want and wherever they would like to use their laptops/PC and get their creative juices to flow! So, if you are willing to earn a little extra this season and go on a relaxation soon, here is your chance to act on your plan and get cash.

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